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Holiday flowers and plants add a festive touch to any home during the season. Browse our selection of holiday flowers and gifts curated to bring cheer during the chilliest months.



What flower represents Christmas?

The Amaryllis are Star of Bethlehem and are highly appreciated. In Anchorage, white Casa Blanca Lilies and red Roses are the favored flowers. Their sweet and spicy scents, bold color contrast and elegant beauty make the long-lasting favorites.

What is a popular Christmas Plant?

By far, the red Poinsettia is favored for Christmas gifting. It is bold with color, full and festive and will last through the season—and beyond, with attentive care in our dry climate. Norfolk Pine ‘mini’ trees, white Orchids and Christmas Cactuses also remain sought after locally. They are hearty, yet beautiful, and add an elegance to all decor.

Are flowers a good Christmas gift?

YES! A gift of flowers is always appreciated, the perfect size, won’t add clutter to the home, never collects dust and never, ever is returned. A gift of flowers is rarely purchased for oneself, making them a true gift that remains a lasting memory of the one that sent them.

What flowers are in bloom in December?

With a world of shipping options, every flower can be found during December. The most popular blooms are in red or white and include everything from Tulips, Roses, Lilies, Amaryllis, Orchids and Star of Bethlehem to Peonies, tropical blooms and more.

How do you keep a Poinsettia alive?

Poinsettias prefer warm temps, with high humidity and indirect sun. In Alaska, the Poinsettia is challenged, so protecting them from cold drafts and windows is the first step. Keep soil moist, though not wet. If your plant begins to drop leaves, adjust your watering. It most likely is needing more.

What is the birth flower for December?

December babies are graced with the Poinsettia being their flower of the month. This blooming plant symbolizes celebration, wealth and success. Poinsettias is also the most popular potted plant during the month of December as it represents the holiday spirit. Perfect for home or offices, the Poinsettia adds bold color to all settings.

Is a flower delivery safe during COVID?

Flowers are absolutely safe from COVID. Floral staff are used to working in sterile environments, as this fights bacteria and helps blooms last longer, so your flowers are ‘clean’. Staff also wear masks to protect their health and yours. Contact free delivering keeps a distance between driver and recipient. So, yes, flowers are safe and powerful in the fact that they are proven to improve mental health.

Do Nursing Homes and Hospitals accept flower deliveries?

Currently, yes they do. With so many visiting restrictions, flowers are the best possible way to connect with family on a heartfelt level. Flowers are proven mood boosters and that is exactly what we all need now.

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