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Posted by Chanda Mines on March 28, 2017 | Last Updated: April 2, 2017 Admin Prof Day Flowers Gifts

Recognize your Administrative Professionals with Beauty

Administrative professionalsIf you run a successful business, you are aware of how important the people are who keep things operating efficiently. The secretary that has all of your documents at her fingertips, the receptionist that smiles as he answers the phone, the administrative assistant that knows when all of your appointments are – they all work hard to keep your office humming along. This year, Administrative Professionals Week begins on April 23rd, and is a 5-day opportunity to recognize the hard-working professionals in your office, and to let them know how essential they are to your entire operation! At Bagoy’s Florist & Home, we know how much you value these important individuals, and have assembled a collection of beautiful floral designs perfect for any desk or office space.

administrative professionals

Orchids are an elegant addition to any office, and are perfect for sophisticated offices or professional business environments. This beautiful cubed design will fit nicely onto anyone’s desk and will be a daily reminder of how appreciated they are.

Did You Know? Research shows that employees who feel appreciated work harder, are more productive, tends to be more creative, and will stay longer at your company. Giving gifts for Administrative Professional’s Week is a great investment in your own company or business!

Administrative professionals

Choose from our many bright floral designs to add color and vibrancy to indoor office spaces. Whether luxurious lilies, cheerful sunflowers and gerberas, tropical anthurium, or vivid tulips – we have flowers for everyone in your office. If you prefer, we have long-lasting green and flowering plants as well!

Do You Have An Extra Special Employee? We would be happy to create a custom arrangement with their favorite flowers or colors – let us create something that reflects just how amazing they are!

Recognize the employees of your Anchorage business and let them know that you truly value their contributions.Call Bagoy’s Florist & Home today, and make sure you are ready for Administrative Professionals Week, beginning April 23rd.