Sympathy & Funeral

Sharing In Their Sorrow, Honoring A Life

Sending sympathy flowers lets friends and family know they are not alone. You are there for them, with heartfelt thoughts, to provide strength, share in their sorrow, and send your love. Bagoy's is here to help.  read more in our sympathy guide.

Favorites in Sympathy

At times when words may not come easily, flowers, plants & thoughtful gifts can express sadness and support. Bagoy's takes the utmost care in delivering your sentiments, especially for loved ones who are ordering from outside the area. Order ahead, and Bagoy's will be sure to deliver your funeral floral arrangements and sympathy arrangements to show support and solidarity during the difficult losses and hard times in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bagoy's deliver to gravesites?

Yes. Upon request, we will seek out the gravestone or marker of your loved one, and respectfully place your flowers for you.

Can Bagoy's deliver to the Military Base?

Yes. Our Drivers all have been pre-approved and have Base passes to enter.

Does Bagoy's provide a stand for my wreath?

Yes. Bagoy’s will provide a sturdy metal stand with all sympathy wreath, spray, heart and cross orders.

Why would I choose Bagoy's over another local Florist?

Bagoy’s was established in 1922 in Anchorage, Alaska. Our Team is trained to provide the best quality in products and follow all professional guidelines in creating sturdy and beautiful work. Our systems deliver accurate and timely and if ever there is an issue, we are available 7-days a week.

Does Bagoy's offer help in managing all the flowers?

Yes. Bagoy’s can be hired to aesthetically set up your funeral service flowers, pick up and deliver them for multiple location needs, or pick up and deliver to organizations you wish to donate to after the service.

A Word from Our Customers