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Bagoy's Florist is proud to offer same-day delivery and customization on a gorgeous selection of flowers for any occasion to the greater Anchorage, Alaska area. Whether you are looking for fragrant lilies, a classic rose, or something more exotic, bright, or colorful, we have the floral creation for you. Call or click to explore your options. We cannot wait to serve our community.

Favorites in Flowers

Classic roses, exotic tropical arrangements, and elegant baskets are only some of what Bagoy's offers. Select a stunning arrangement of fresh-cut flowers to please any recipient no matter who they are.




Fresh flowers arrive from around the world, on a ‘first class’ flight. To maintain freshness, handling properly from farm through shipment, while maintaining the cold-chain that keeps flowers ‘asleep’ through their travels, is a priority. Once shipments arrive to our shop, we have trained processors that carefully handle each flower, cutting the stems and rehydrating them, which ‘wakes’ them up. From this point, your flowers are arranged and carefully hand delivered to your door.

Once flowers are cut, there extend are some simple steps to life cycle. The first ones begin in our shop. Once you have flowers at home, it is important that you keep the water clear and full. Using a preservative mixed into your water will help fight bacteria, which naturally forms. Keep flowers cool and out of sunlight. Adding humidity by misting frequently helps as does flushing out and adding new water when cloudy. Since flowers draw fresh water up the stem to the flower head, it is important to give stems a fresh cut every 2-3 days. This exposes the membranes of the stem and allow easier water absorption, which is essential to flower longevity.

Yes. Flower meanings began in Victorian times, and though they are not adhered to today, many people value the traditions of what they stood for. A common example is the red rose: Love, or yellow rose: Friendship. Most of us know the common meanings like this, but some dig deeper. You can learn more here on our website under ‘The Meaning of Flowers’.

Yes. For example, in Asian cultures, red is a happy color, where white represents death, and would be inappropriate to send to a business opening. Jewish culture is based around blue and white flowers. Here in Alaska, flowers are greatly appreciated in all colors as they are considered rare for many people, making them a treasured gift or gesture.

Tropical flowers have great longevity and with proper care, can last bend 2 weeks. ‘Field’ flowers such as daisies, carnations, chrysanthemums and sunflowers also have a long life span. Quickest to go are bulb flowers, which include tulips, iris daffodils and hyacinth. We make many of our arrangements to feature combinations that have a progressive life cycle, so as one flower blooms out, another may begin…giving longer enjoyment.

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