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Posted by Chanda Mines on March 10, 2017 | Last Updated: July 24, 2020 Birthday Flowers

Celebrating with Spring Daisies

spring daisies

The classic white and yellow spring daisy is an iconic symbol of the promise of sunnier days – but the daisy is not as simple as it appears. It has a huge extended family, comes in a wide array of colors and even can be eaten for dinner! And in April, the daisy is showcased as the birth flower of the month – so read a bit about this amazing and versatile flower, then call Bagoy’s Florist & Home, Spring daisies will brighten your home- and the homes of all your Anchorage friends and family.

Did You Know? The daisy is a composite flower – meaning that is is actually made up of many flowers that exist together. Each of the smaller flowers is called a floret. Ray florets comprise the outer part of the flower, which people think are petals. Disk florets are located at the center of the flower; they are small and tubular. spring daisies

The daisy is completely edible – the flowers, leaves, and stems are all safe to consume. People use this pleasant tasting plant in salads, soups, and even as the greens on a sandwich. Many also use the daisy to brew tea which is good both for calming coughs and easing digestion.  The daisy is also known to have medicinal uses – as far back as ancient Rome, the juice of the flower was utilized to treat wounds, and it is still used in homeopathic medicine today to speed healing after surgeries.

The daisy is one of the most prolific flowers on the planet – it grows in over 24,000 species and its family represents 10% of all flowering plants on the planet. It occurs in nearly every color of the rainbow and grows on six of the seven continents. (Antarctica does not have native daisies).

But here at home in Anchorage, daisies are easily found. Simply call Bagoy’s Florist & Home! Whether you are looking for a classic English daisy or one of the colored varieties, spring daisies are a cheerful choice. Remember, daisies are perfect for April birthdays – or for any other occasion, you are looking to celebrate.