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Bagoy's Florist and Home

Posted by bagoys on October 3, 2017 Halloween

Decorate with Halloween Flowers

Halloween Flowers

This Halloween, it’s time to take decorating with Halloween flowers to a frightful new level. There’s no reason the sophisticated arrangements you see throughout the year can’t make an appearance on the most macabre of holidays, too, as Bagoy’s Florist & Home proves with its seasonal selections.

Bagoy’s floral take on the classic Halloween flick Beetlejuice is a striking arrangement of white, orange and black flowers, sprinkled with spiders and studded with pumpkins. Set in a ceramic white pumpkin dish, this ghostly design increases the spooky factor at the office or on a teacher’s desk without going over the top. And if Anchorage is blanketed by snow this Halloween, these hues will really pop.

If you want something sleeker, pick Petal Poison, which includes a bright, spiky Fuji mum and purple dendrobium orchids in a glass bottle that looks straight from the apothecary. Don’t let the sweet ribbon around the stem fool you; this bottle’s fun label reads “Poison.” Elegant and small in scale, this arrangement is the perfect subtle nod to the creepiest of all holidays.

Bagoy’s Florist & Home puts a stylish spin on decorating with Halloween flowers with looks that complement your other seasonal decor. Add a dash of fun to your desk or tabletop with florals that are as elegant as they are scary.

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