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Posted by Chanda Mines on June 17, 2015 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Welcome

Fall Wedding Tips and Trends

Fall WeddingFall is a fantastic time for planning a wedding. The beautiful trees have often just begun to change for much of the country, adding a stunning backdrop to any ceremony celebrating love. Many couples appreciate the opportunity to incorporate fall themes, including the changing seasons, fall colors, and even the fall holidays into their celebration. It creates a welcome alternative to the options commonly seen during the peak of the wedding season in spring and summer. The cooler weather can also add a bit of freshness to the air and make everyone feel cheerful and ready to celebrate.

At Bagoy’s Florist & Home, we regularly help excited couples plan the fall wedding ceremony and party of their dreams. Here are some of our favorite decoration ideas that those planning a fall wedding should consider as they begin finalizing their own fantastic celebrations.

Fall Themed Flowers

There are several different colors and flower styles that can be fantastic for this season. Yellows and oranges are great for calling to mind the beautiful color options of fall. Additionally, consider including extras in the arrangements, such as berries or twigs. They will help to bring to life the season even more and will look fantastic either on reception tables or in bouquets for the bridal party. This arrangement in particular we love for table settings.

Go Rustic

Rustic and antique are also excellent themes for the fall. Antique style holders can be used for candles throughout the reception hall. These lanterns can be elegantly surrounded by flowers that bring together a fantastic and elegant look that will create an incredible wedding ambiance.

Pair White Flowers with the Gorgeous Fall Colors

As already discussed, there are a number of different fall flowers and colors that can come together to create an incredible arrangement. When these flowers are used as decorations, they will look even more fantastic when paired with white calla lilies or roses. These simple yet elegant white flowers will draw the eye immediately to the gorgeous fall hues and provide the perfect complement to the theme of the evening.

Fall is a stunning season for hosting a wedding. The colors alone should be enough to draw in interested couples and invite them to consider this season for their upcoming nuptials. Those interested in planning a wedding during this lovely season should consider some of our above ideas. At Bagoy’s Florist & Home, we are dedicated to helping each client plan the wedding of their dreams.