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Posted by bagoys on January 14, 2014 | Last Updated: January 28, 2014 Welcome

The Floral Holiday Map, What to Look Out For in 2014!

Enjoy the holidays in 2014 with fresh flowers and plants that will make your home and your loved ones glow. Here is your floral holiday map for the year!

New Year’s Day, January 1

Resolve to celebrate each holiday in 2014 with flowers. For New Year’s Day, begin with white carnations, to symbolize hope and rebirth.

Valentine’s Day, February 14

“A rose by any other name is still a rose.” Valentine’s Day without roses is like chocolate without cocoa. Red for love, pink for like and yellow for friend.

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17

The green carnation is the Irish traditional flower for St. Patrick’s Day. Wear it in your lapel, on your hat, or place a fine bouquet on your dinner table.

Easter Sunday, April 20

Easter Lilies celebrate the arrival of spring. Fragrant and white, they embody the idea of fresh beginnings.

Secretaries’ Day, April 23

Express your ongoing appreciation for your secretary or assistant with a big bouquet of colorful mixed fresh flowers for her desk. The showier the better; this is not the time to be subtle.

Cinco de Mayo, May 5

Lilies of the Valley are the signature flower of May. They signify humility, sweetness and innocence.

National Teacher’s Day, May 6

Daises in any color are ideal for Teacher’s Day. They are long-lasting, easy to care for and appreciated by everyone.

Mother’s Day, May 11

Mom deserves long-stemmed red roses from dad and modest carnations from the kids.

Father’s Day, June 15

For dad, living tropical flowers with lots of green foliage are the perfect choice.

Independence Day, July 4

Celebrate our independence with multicolored carnations in red, white and blue, specially created by your florist.

Grandparent’s Day, September 7

Give the grandparents something to enjoy year long with a flowering Gardenia. Fresh and fragrant, this impressive houseplant will remind them of their grandkids every day.

Halloween, October 31

Get spooky with showy displays of Black-Eyed Susans. Set them out on your porch next to your Jack-o-Lantern.

Thanksgiving, November 27

Chrysanthemums, sometimes called mums for short, are perfect for the Thanksgiving feast.

Christmas, December 25

Nothing says Christmas like fresh Poinsettia plants. The most popular version is red, but they also come in pink, yellow and white.

And there you have it. Print this out and keep it handy all year round as your guide to having just the right flower for every month of the year!