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Posted by bagoys on July 9, 2018 Flowers

A Few Floral Tips To Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Never fear, Bagoy’s Florist & Home is here to help you maintain your gorgeous blooms for a full week and beyond (that’s the goal, anyway). With just a few tips and tricks and a little know-how, you can become an indoor green thumb, coaxing the longest, freshest life out of your glorious floral arrangement.

  • Every flower has a different life expectancy, so ask us what you should expect with yours.
  • We’ll send a long some floral food—use it! This is essentially a combination of acid, bleach and sugar which helps maintain the pH balance of the water and keep bacteria at bay. Just follow the directions for use.
  • Speaking of water, change out what’s in the container every other day or so. If you feel you can do so without disrupting the floral design, flush out the container. Then refill.
  • Keep your flowers away from cooling or heating vents. Try to keep your flowers in a temperate spot where there’s not a lot of fluctuation or movement.
  • If not already done, remove the leaves on flower stems if they go below the water line. This will help keep the water from becoming contaminated.

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