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Posted by bagoys on January 15, 2014 | Last Updated: February 28, 2024 Welcome

Garnet – The Color for January Birthday Flowers!

garnet january birthday flowersFlowers are a great way to show someone you care on their birthday, specially colored flowers to reflect their birthstone is even more special. January’s birthstone is garnet and finding the perfect garnet flowers is far easier than you might think. There are tons of different garnet colored flowers that can make for a great flower arrangement for any birthday occasion.

There are a few different things to consider when buying garnet colored flowers, the first is of course natural color versus colored flowers. Many flowers have a wide range of colors that occur naturally when they bloom, garnet is a very specific color and there are tons of naturally occurring garnet flowers. One garnet flower that occurs naturally is the dahlia. This flower is at once strong an delicate and is fantastic for those looking for a great garnet flower.

Dahlias are also somewhat inexpensive making it far easier to make a large arrangement as opposed to using a more expensive flower which may limit the size of the bouquet. Dahlias occur in a wide range of darker colors like purples, reds, and deep blues. Garnet is a great color for the dahlia making it a perfect selection. Another flower that occurs naturally in the color garnet without any dyeing is the iris. This is again an inexpensive flower which is great for large arrangements. Garnet iris are incredibly beautiful and are great for garnet arrangements.

For those flowers that are dyed, carnations, daisies, and other smaller flowers are a good option. Because white daisies and carnations are common it is easy to find them and have them dyed garnet. Also, they are inexpensive which make them great filler flowers for larger arrangements. Another great flower that is beautiful in garnet is the gerbera daisy, these are large, substantial and are beautiful in garnet. Gerberas are a great flower for those that want large statement flowers.

Though the options mentioned are great, there are some more expensive options that may be possible. The rose comes in garnet, as do lilies, and some snap dragons. These flowers are great for garnet arrangements as they offer a large range of textures, shapes, and varying degrees of garnet coloring. It is always best to discuss options with your florist when it comes to getting your garnet flowers purchased. Garnet is not an incredibly common color when it comes to every day arrangements.

Often, pinks, whites, and reds are the most common colors in any florist shop but odds are with the right florist, anyone can get a great garnet arrangement on the way. Garnet flowers for a January birthday are a great way to show someone that you are truly thinking of them. Stepping away from the traditional is a great way to get any birthday off to the right start.