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Posted by bagoys on April 30, 2018 | Last Updated: July 23, 2021 Flowers Graduation Welcome

A Graduation Gift They’ll Never Forget

As May approaches, so does the end of the school year, and with it, graduations, recitals, awards ceremonies, and all sorts of other events. Bagoy’s Florist & Home knows that these celebrations often have their own floral traditions, including everything from boutennieres and corsages to a dozen congratulatory roses. There are decor considerations too if you’re hosting a graduation party or pre-prom photos in your home, along with the flowers you should offer your graduate or someone else’s. Regardless, it’s one of the happiest times to shop for flowers, since what they’re commemorating is either a major accomplishment or one of the most important dances we will attend in our lives.

Don’t skimp on your floral gift to that special student who is celebrating the end of the school year. These flowers have a lot to communicate—joy, success, honor—and are likely to be well-photographed. If you’re giving flowers to a beloved graduate, keep it traditional and offer a dozen red roses (we literally call these our best roses), which will speak to the noble occasion.


If you want to sweeten the deal, add some Bliss Toffee to your gift. This English toffee is made right here in Alaska and comes in a festive gold wrapper that lends a note of glamour to your gift.

Pull out all the stops if you’ve got a graduate to celebrate this year and make sure they know how proud you are of their success. Give a flower gift that is as special as the occasion itself; classic red roses that are reserved for only the most important of occasions.