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Posted by bagoys on October 14, 2018 Fall Flowers Halloween

Halloween Flowers That Are Bootiful

If you’ve done any decorating this month, it was probably of the pumpkins-and-cobwebs variety, tricking out your house and yard in spooky style. But while skeletons dangling from the trees are certainly in order this month, that’s probably not the look you envisioned for you dining room table. No one wants to eat dinner under the watchful eyes of a glowing witch or a vase full of eyeballs.

Luckily, Bagoy’s Florist & Home has picked out just the thing for your Halloween holiday table.

We call it Farmer’s Daughter, and you can probably see why. This farm-to-vase piece is full of charm, but it’s also got all of those seasonal colors nailed, too. Sunflowers, snapdragons and roses present in seasonal squash hues, while curly willow and a fold of leaves at the bottom introduce texture. And orange–so much orange, and not a pumpkin in sight! This is such a satisfying design to have in the home for the way that it spells out that it’s the most spellbinding season. And if you wanted to nestle in some pumpkins around it, by all means. Go right ahead.

There’s plenty of room for ghosts and goblins elsewhere in your home (kitchen table perhaps?), but when it comes to the dining area, let a beautiful vase of flowers do the enchanting.