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Posted by bagoys on June 4, 2018 Father's Day Gifts

A Handsome Gift for Dad

Bagoy’s Florist & Home provides flowers and plants for every occasion on the books, but we acknowledge that Father’s Day can be a real trick in terms of what to give. Our dads can be some of the most difficult people to buy for, since they are so often devoted to giving and don’t think too much about what they’d like for themselves. We examine their hobbies and interests, pick up on the latest gadgets or trends, or default to buying them their favorite goodies. This year, we encourage you to think outside the box. Well, not too far outside the box. Just think differently about what can be in it.

Chances are, your dad has rarely had the pleasure of receiving something green and growing as a gift. Remedy that by extending a Tropical Bromeliad Plant to him this year. A bromeliad springs up, red and powerful, from a sturdy green foundation. It unfurls handsomely, a stalwart plant that projects strength and majesty. It’s the kind of plant that would do just as well in a home office as it would next to the barbecue out back on the patio.

Give that special dad some green (and red) this year for Father’s Day.