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Posted by bagoys on December 26, 2018 Flowers Holiday holiday floral decor Roses

Healthier, Happier You in 2019!

Each January, we all search for ways to become healthier, happier versions of ourselves. One simple way to make improvements to our mental and physical well-being is by adding more flowers into our lives. The floral experts at Bagoy’s Florist have several reasons flowers will add value to your year.

  • Flowers can help you breathe easier. Plants and flowers are air purifiers, meaning they absorb harmful toxins in the air that can often be the root cause of headaches, congestion and other cold symptoms. Breathing fresh air will make you more focused and productive, so think about adding a regular bouquet to your desk at work.
  • Flowers can reduce stress. The greenery that accompanies flowers is known to reduce stress and help create a calm, peaceful environment. Lower stress and anxiety by spending a few minutes gazing at flowers each day.
  • Flowers can improve your creativity. Color is a creativity booster, so surrounding yourself with blooms in your favorite hues is a sure way to start thinking outside the box.

A beautiful accent to any room or office is our Holiday in Bloom display. This gorgeous piece will not only help you ring in the New Year, the fresh greenery will bring health and happiness to everyone around. Elegant white roses, orchids and hydrangea are nestled among winter greens for a bright, cheerful start to 2019.

Start your new year off right with a healthy dose of flowers in your midst and launch into a healthy mindset for the year to come. The floral designers at Bagoy’s Florist are happy to help you find the perfect arrangement to kick start your new year in style.