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Posted by bagoys on January 14, 2014 | Last Updated: December 9, 2020 Welcome

January is “National Hobby Month”, Have Fun with Flowers!

door hanger flowersFlowers are not only beautiful and fragrant, they are also a terrific raw material for a variety of hobbies. For many, simply arranging flowers in various patterns in containers is a source of joy. Others may wish to take on other challenges when using flowers. Since January is “National Hobby Month”, let’s take a look at what you can do with flowers and the fun you can have creating something uniquely yours!

Drying Flowers

Many want to keep flowers for extended periods. If you would like to preserve flowers, try drying them.  Start with flowers that are pre-peak. If they are too fully matured, the petals may fall before they have time to fully dry, leaving you only a stem.  Take off any imperfections on the plant.  Hang the flowers upside down in bundles in a warm place.  It should take about 1 to 2 weeks for most plants to fully dry. Dried flowers can then be put inside clear containers or otherwise displayed.


One fun hobby is making your own potpourri with flowers. This is not new invention by any means.  Potpourri has been in existence for more than 6000 years and has been used for religious ceremonies, sporting events and festivals.  Now, we use it to make our houses or offices smell better.

To make your own potpourri, experiment with herbs, spices, flowers, fruit, and leaves.  When you experiment with different ingredients, you can be as creative as your imagination allows. Choose particularly fragrant flower petals and spices. Placed in a bowl, your home-made potpourri will last for days.

Dying Flowers

This is a way to add brighter color to fresh and dried flowers or plants. There are plant specific liquid and powder dyes, and food coloring can also work. Some plants and flowers will dye easier.  Choose ones that don’t have a smooth surface as the smoother the surface, the less the dye will attach.  If you are using fresh flowers or plants, put the dye in a bucket of water and put the plants in stem first. The stems will attract the fluid into the petals. For dried plants and flowers, immerse the bundle in the dye and keep it there as long as you want.  These can add more color to any area of your home.

Flowers are beautiful to look at, but they also can be enjoyable to use as raw materials.  With these ideas, your home can flourish with colors and scents that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Best of all, you can take pride that it was you who created it.