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Know Someone In Your Life Who Is NICE? Win Free Flowers For Them At Bagoy’s


This contest is over. For more information about our upcoming contests, follow us on Facebook!

We go through life meeting people who are the epitome of niceness. They pay for a stranger’s coffee at the bagel shop. They volunteer at the local animal shelter. They will share their umbrella with a senior on the street and walk the person home even if it is in the opposite direction where they wanted to go.

You may have a few people who are nice. If you do, why not show them your gratitude by winning them free flowers from Bagoy’s?

Bagoy’s Florist and Home is holding their NICE contest to all people living in the city of Anchorage, Alaska and the surrounding area. If you know someone who you would consider NICE enough to receive a beautiful gift, then enter their name to win a flowery prize. There will be a winner announced every month as the lucky person will receive a floral gift that has a $100 value.

To nominate someone to the Bagoy’s NICE contest:

1: The person has to be an Anchorage, Alaska resident or live in a surrounding city.

2: You must be 18 years of age or older to enter the contest.

3: Ensure you have registered with Bagoy’s Florist and Home. Simply register at

4: Submit an entry by clicking on the “Submit Entry” button on the contest page.

5: Submit a photo as you tell Bagoy’s why this person deserves to be the NICE person of the month.

6: Have family, friends, coworkers and anyone else you know vote for your nominee. To be able to rate the photos, they must also be registered with Bagoy’s.

7: All photos that you submit must be original and have never been published anywhere else. For a full list of the contest rules, please visit the contest home page.

Do something wonderful for that NICE person in your life and let them know how much you appreciate them. Nominate the person into the NICE contest offered by Bagoy’s Florist and Home. They could become this month’s winner of a beautiful floral gift. Also, don’t forget to stop in at Bagoy’s Florist and Home when you are looking for a floral arrangement. They have a large selection of flowers and plants as they can create the perfect flower bouquet so you can celebrate a special occasion or to liven up your home decor.

Live, Love and Celebrate with Bagoy’s.

This contest is over. For more information about our upcoming contests, follow us on Facebook!