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Bagoy's Florist and Home

Posted by bagoys on November 25, 2018 Christmas Flowers

On Our Holiday Bestseller List

We’re eager to introduce you to our holiday selection of festive florals, from designs you can bring to dinner to the ones you can use to decorate your own table. We’ve got poinsettias, wreaths, boxwood trees and more. If you’re about ready to unbox your decor and ornaments and are beginning to dream up a magical holiday scene for your place, take a peek at what Bagoy’s Florist & Home has on offer. This is one present you can open early.

Starting with your own kitchen table. We like a design that is bright, jolly and family-friendly for the one area where we all gather on the regular. It should enchant the kids, capture the atmosphere and above all be fun to look at. Enter Candy Cane Celebration. Popping with spirit (and edible candy canes), this piece really seizes on the best of the season, with long-lasting red and white carnations, some decorative holly berries, pine cones and fir. Just a touch of scent from these last greens won’t overpower the fragrance of breakfast bacon.

We’ve put it in a clear cube where you can see the rustic tangle of branches and tied it off with a red ribbon. Give yourself the gift of a holly jolly table that you can enjoy throughout this busy season.