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Posted by bagoys on December 29, 2017 | Last Updated: January 2, 2018 Carnations Flowers

In Praise of January’s Birth Flower: The Carnation

January has two birth flowers – the snowdrop and the carnation. It’s the latter bloom that we here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home want to celebrate in this week’s blog. Available in a dozen colors (you can even get them striped), the carnation is one of our most versatile flowers, lovely as a stand alone bloom or alongside other ones, where it can be a compelling supporting act. A carnation’s intricate layers never seem fussy, instead they add a nice textual element to any bouquet.

As with many flowers (roses come to mind), a carnation’s color is meant to express its meaning. You can have some fun conveying your feelings toward someone simply by considering the color you select for a carnation bouquet.

In winter, we like to utilize the seasonal palette when it comes to our carnation arrangements. Since it’s one of those flowers that plays well with others, a lush arrangement with lilies and roses and a fluffy spray of greens always looks spectacular right about now. You can see the look embodied in our Winter Walk

The carnations here are elegant, mimicking snow, while the red roses add a touch of romance. This is the kind of carnation-centered design that looks just perfect at the center of the table in January, or offered as a gift for a January birthday. As this month’s birth flower, giving it as a birthday gift is both a thoughtful and meaningful gesture.