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Posted by bagoys on January 13, 2014 | Last Updated: December 9, 2020 Welcome

How to Refill Your House with Life After The Holidays

home flowersThe weeks after a holiday can be depressing. There are no more presents to open, work schedules have returned to normal and your friends and family have gone back to their everyday lives. Your home can begin to feel empty. There is a quick fix to bring life back into your home. Fill your home with flowers.

It is proven that flowers can brighten people’s moods. We often associate flowers with nature, which creates a calm and relaxed state of mind. Think of all the occasions that flowers are traditionally a part of: a wedding, Valentine’s day, when a person is sick or even a funeral. These are times when people experience extreme emotions. Flowers can even out these feelings.

Flowers not only make people feel better, but they look great, too. Decorative and themed-flower arrangements can brighten your home with splashes of color and style. It is easy to change the look of any room by simply selecting new flowers. With so many flowers and arrangements available, it is possible to change the look and feel of any room whenever you want.

Don’t forget that flowers smell good, too. Replace the smell of Christmas dinner with the sweet smell of lilacs or gardenias. Smells have a direct affect on people. They can influence the way we feel, think and act more than almost any other stimulus

Thinking about adding flowers to your post-holiday home? Here are a few tips and tricks:

Buy what you like

Don’t bring home flowers that you don’t like simply because they are a popular choice. Flowers, like food, are a personal choice. When you go to a flower shop, pay careful attention to which flowers draw you in and choose them.

Flowers belong in every room

Most people keep flowers on the kitchen table or in the living room. Remember, flowers have a place in every room of your home. Freshly-cut flowers are a great accessory in the bathroom and fragrant flowers on your bedside table makes going to sleep a dream and even getting up a little more relaxing experience. Any room can benefit from the power of flowers.

Take care of your flowers

Even cut flowers need care. Never place your flowers too close to a heat source. Change the water daily and add cut flower food or sugar to the water to keep your flowers looking great for longer.