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Posted by bagoys on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: August 6, 2020 Holiday Veterans Day

Send Some Stars This Veterans Day


How will you honor your vets or active military this Veterans Day? Will you treat them to the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra’s Veterans Day Salute? Make a nice dinner, with your patriot occupying the seat of honor at the head of the table? Attend the parade? Gather with friends? Send some stars?

Let us at Bagoy’s Florist & Home explain. There are so many ways to show our gratitude for the ones who have put themselves on the line to protect and defend our country. And we believe in doing all of them. But don’t you think your valiant vet deserves to get some stars?

One of our favorite arrangements is the perfect piece to send this Veterans Day when we reflect on all that our military past and present have done for us. Not an especially somber occasion, this holiday often has a celebratory atmosphere along with a reverential one. It’s a day where family and friends come together to share stories, look at photographs, and remember. We think our Beautiful Brita fits right in.

This has definitely got the stars part of the stars and stripes covered. Just a handful of Casa Blanca lilies explode from dark greens and curly willow, unfurling over a simple glass bowl. An elegant piece like this gives a subtle nod to the flag and will fit in with any decor or design scheme. The best part is the gorgeous scent, a gift unto itself.

Send some stars this Veterans Day from Bagoy’s Florist and Home, and remember our 15% military discount for both active/veterans.