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Posted by bagoys on January 21, 2018 Flowers

Spice Up Your Winter With Pantone’s Color Of The Year

We love a good purple here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home – just look at our logo. So when color company Pantone announced their pick for 2018 Color Of The Year recently, we rejoiced. Ultra Violet is an alluring selection, both majestic and mysterious. It’s a great hue to introduce to your home’s decor scheme in winter because it is, essentially, a jewel-tone. The richness and depth looks fresh in the New Year, but it will also spice up your winter, too.

There are some colors that when you add them to a mix of blooms, they just pop. And in the case of our Secluded Paradise, you might identify that popper as gold, but we say it’s the purple. There’s a lot going on here – the Bird of Paradise, lots of height and texture – but the standouts are the protea and the orchids, which saturate the piece with modern color. Mix of bird of paradise, gerbera daisies, and assorted blooms in a tall vase filled with seashells

Flowers are an excellent way to try out a new color in the home. You’re not committing to painting the walls or buying five new throw pillows for the couch. Instead, you get to enjoy purple (and a range of it, we might add) and feel all the excitement of a new color palette for just a little while. However, we here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home figure you’ll be seeing plenty of it out in the world now.