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St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

St. Patrick's Day

It may come as a surprise to many people that St. Patrick, whose name is synonymous with the most festive Irish holiday of the year, was not even from Ireland. The British-born missionary was responsible for bringing Christianity to the Emerald Isle and was beloved by the people there. It is his death that is commemorated on March 17th. Although officially a Roman Catholic feast day, the holiday has grown to be more of a cultural phenomenon and adopted an almost “Mardi Gras” aura. If you need green flowers, shamrocks, or fun designs for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you need to look no further than Bagoy’s Florist & Home.St. Patrick's DayDid You Know? Although famous for driving the snakes out of Ireland, St. Patrick never performed the impressive feat. Historians tell us that there were very few – if any – snakes resident in the small island country at the time. The legend may have originated in the fact that before their conversion to Christianity, the population was largely made up of Celtic druid people who used snakes in their imagery.

Irish immigrants began arriving on North American shores in the 1700’s, and the first St. Patrick’s Day here in the United States was celebrated in Boston in approximately 1737. During the Irish famine in the 1800’s, the greatest influx of Irish people occurred, and they settled primarily in Boston and New York City. To this day, those two metropolitan areas still boast the largest concentration of people with Irish heritage. Throughout the United States, over 36 million people claim an Irish lineage.

However, on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is a little bit Irish! Celebrate by the “wearing o’ the green”, and don’t forget to dress your home or office up with beautiful green flowers as well! Send a fun shamrock plant, a floral design complete with Irish potatoes, or a floral arrangement adorned with green beads and shamrock picks – have some fun! No matter the occasion be it serious or whimsical, Bagoy’s Florist & Home provides Anchorage with the floral arrangements to make it beautiful.