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Posted by bagoys on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Summer In A Centerpiece

What will you bring to the table this summer? A citrusy ceviche? A platter of wild-caught salmon? Entertaining in the summertime has its own special feel, and there’s a real invitation to create bright, fresh meals that make use of the season’s flavors and colors. Bagoy’s Florist & Home is here to help you pair your culinary creations with a floral centerpiece that is just as enchanting. Leave some space in the middle of your table for a striking design that enhances the dining experience and gives your guests something to talk about.

What’s in a summer centerpiece? All such pieces should be low to the table so as to not obstruct your guests from both seeing each other and reaching across the table to sample every dish in your feast. The season also calls for florals that add some zest to the experience, calling upon the “hot” colors of summer. Our Beachside Blessings is a veritable masterwork in summer table pieces. Bird of paradise, orchid, protea and anthurium are all big, bold flowers that capture the sizzle of summer.

Entertain in style this summer with a piece that lends character and texture to your table. It won’t take away from the edible bounty you’re serving up, but instead generate even more excitement about it.