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Posted by bagoys on May 20, 2018 Flowers Summer

Summer’s Coming, Go Outside!

Is there any transition more glorious than the one from spring to summer? We here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home think not.

It’s our pleasure to entice you with an early look at summer’s floral bounty, featuring many of the flowers we fall in love with in spring. For sure, the two seasons share a lot of flowers in common (think hydrangea, iris and tulips), but in summer, we tend to see more assertive, richly-colored blossoms. There are those hammy showstoppers, sunflowers, and then there are those flowers that seem overdressed for the occasion (we’re looking at you, zinnias). We have towering snapdragons, delicate garden roses and pretty petunias. Summer’s a showcase for gorgeous flowers. In honor of our trees starting to show green here in Anchorage, we’re giving you a glimpse of what’s to come.

Take a peek at our Happy Heart, which is an excellent representative of the summer selection to come. Lush, vivid and showing some of the season’s most iconic flowers, this design makes a fresh statement on the kitchen table. We love the idea of it living in a sunny spot in a common area. It’s the kind of design that is sure to lift spirits and enchant the senses, reminding you that it’s the time to get outside and start replanting 

As we start to see our landscape green up, we invite you to both go outside more and to bring the outside in. The flowers we install in our homes are a wonderful reminder that we’ll experience warmer, brighter days soon.