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Posted by bagoys on August 12, 2018 | Last Updated: January 30, 2020 Flowers Summer

🌻 Sunflowers: Popular With Us, Popular With Bees

Bagoy’s Florist & Home really can’t overstate the significance of bees. 1/3 of the food we consume is dependent on pollination, a process that relies mostly on bees. Of the top 100 foods we consume, bees pollinate 70. We’re talking everything from avocados and apples to coffee and carrots. This is why maintaining bee colonies, contained in hives or “hotels,” is crucial. Just as beneficial? Keeping a bee-friendly garden.

Bees love flowers that are white, yellow, blue and purple. Why? These flowers are both easier for bees to see and they tend to produce more nectar. Certain flowers even have a kind of color guidance system which leads bees right into their centers, where they can easily access nectar. This in turn helps the flower send out its pollen to fertilize other flowers. Bees pick up the pollen on their legs when they’re busy drinking in the nectar, then transport it to the next flower they descend upon, inadvertently pollinating that flower.

From the land of the midnight sun, these big, bold sunflowers stand tall and bring bold cheer from everyone around. Long lasting and unscented.

Midnight Suns

Given all of this, it’ll come as no surprise to know that sunflowers (a clutch of which you’ll see here, in our Midnight Suns design) are a bee favorite, with their yellow petals and enticing brown centers. If these are growing in your garden, expect some friendly bees to be buzzing around enjoying them as much as you do. And that’s a good thing for the bees, the flowers, and the planet.