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Posted by bagoys on October 3, 2017 | Last Updated: October 6, 2017 Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day Gifts & Flowers

sweetest Day

Almost exactly 100 years ago, a group of candy executives in Cleveland had a sweet idea – to hand out boxes of candy to orphans, shut-ins, and the elderly. Dubbed “Sweetest Day”, the inaugural event saw 26,000 boxes of candy distributed. However, the idea was met with some cynicism, as many thought that perhaps the executives were attempting to start a tradition that would benefit their pocketbooks more than the people receiving the sweet treats. Still, Sweetest Day persisted, especially in the Northeast and Midwest, and is still a tradition in much of our country.

And although some still choose to give candy, Sweetest Day has grown to include any act of kindness benefiting someone who may be down on their luck. On October 21, people across Anchorage will be making their friends and family smile – and Bagoy’s Florist & Home will be helping with beautiful floral designs and bouquets. 

sweetest day
There are likely several people in your life who may need a little encouragement and support – the student struggling through mid-terms, the job seeker going on yet another interview, or someone who may be missing an absentee loved one. Elderly shut-ins or those recuperating from an illness are also wonderful recipients of a surprise pick-me-up.

We asked some friends and neighbors what their favorite Sweetest Day ideas were, and their answers ranged from handwritten notes, to helping with chores, to calling someone lonely and asking them to lunch. Sending flowers is always a wonderful idea when looking to cheer someone up, as they continue to add beauty to the recipients home after the day is gone. Which flowers are best to send? We love gerbera daisies, spray roses, lilies and sunflowers, as they exude a cheerful and happy ambiance.

Bagoy’s Florist & Home has a wide variety of floral designs perfect for Sweetest Day, and we also invite you to come in and browse our shop here in Anchorage, which is full of unique and beautiful gifts. On October 21, make someone’s day a little sweeter – we can help.