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Posted by bagoys on July 23, 2018 Flowers

Take A Trip To These Fantastic Floral Attractions

If you’ve never traveled to a flower destination before, now’s the time to start planning. Every spring and summer across the U.S., a whole crop of floral celebrations pop up in praise of everything from daffodils to tulips to roses. Some of these are national events—Bagoy’s Florist & Home is thinking of the Cherry Blossom festival in D.C.—while others are occasions for smaller regions to show off their most beautiful assets. If you’ve ever wanted to make “stop and smell the roses” your vacation motto, now’s your chance. Plan an excursion to one of these flower festivals for an unforgettable experience.

The Portland Rose Festival, Oregon

Every summer, Portland hosts three parades across three weekends, punctuated by a Spring Rose Show (the biggest in the country) that includes 4,000 blooms. Tons of events keep the Waterfront district bustling (think rides, music, a carnival and four parades). While in Portland, head to the International Test Rose Garden to see new rose varieties of all stripes.

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C.

As we mentioned above, our capital city’s signature floral event is the perfect excuse to wander along the Tidal Basin under the fragrant pink and white cherry blossoms in April enjoying the warm weather and snapping as many photos as you can. You can also catch these beauties in West Potomac Park, East Potomac Park and on the Washington Monument grounds. Visit the United States Botanic Garden on the National Mall for a historic floral immersion.

Allerton and McBryde Gardens, Kauai, Hawaii

Take that trip to Hawaii you’ve always dreamed of any time of year—flowers are a year-round event in this lush tropical paradise. In Koloa on Kauai, you’ll find the Allerton and McBryde Gardens, with their incredible variety of flowers and plants including orchard trees and orchids. This is where both Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean filmed. When you get back home, have your own floral attraction waiting for you in the form of Private Paradise. Happy travels!