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Posted by bagoys on January 29, 2018 Flowers Love & Romance Roses Valentine's Day

The Romance Of Roses

Every Valentine’s Day, we’re all after the same thing: long-stem roses loaded with petals.

At Bagoy’s Florist & Home, we have plenty. And if you’re reading this three weeks in advance, you’re in an excellent position to get your top choice from us. We have them in vases, cubes or simply wrapped. No matter what you do with these showy buds, they look stunning and stately.

For all of its impact, a bouquet of red roses is actually a lesson in simplicity. Without anything else in the mix, it’s almost as if you’re looking at a rosebush: the green leaves seem leafier, the delicate swirl of petals even more intricate. It’s almost like you could look into those deep crimson swirls forever. 48 red roses with greens in a large vase

There’s nothing that conveys passion and romance more than long-stemmed roses, which we offer in various numbers and groupings, as well as in mixed bouquets, where they still make a major statement. They never really play second fiddle, even if they’re tucked in with lilies or hydrangea, but they can be balanced a bit. If your floral gift isn’t intended for someone you love romantically, a mixed bouquet of roses with other blooms is absolutely the way to go.

Whatever your needs are, Bagoy’s Florist & Home will be well supplied and ready to help.