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Posted by bagoys on May 7, 2018 | Last Updated: March 5, 2020 Flowers Mother's Day

A Truly Transporting Gift For Mother’s Day

Often we ask moms what they really want for Mother’s Day, and that elicits a range of answers, most of which translate to just having some time to herself.

Bagoy’s Florist & Home have helped many, many people honor their mothers through flowers throughout the years. We know that one of the reasons for giving flowers is because they bring nature to us.

Flowers represent the opportunity to take a deep breath, admire the beauty around us, and to be soothed by it. Flowers are beloved for their exceptional beauty, but also for the overall experience they offer our senses.

Let a tropical arrangement like Private Paradise take you away!

A gift of flowers can be truly transporting, with their fragrance, texture, color, and movement (after all, these beauties literally unfold right before us).

Choosing a tropical arrangement is a wonderful way to give your Mom the tropical escape she needs.

Soft scented lilies, dendrobium orchid and bold, lasting tropical blooms

They have the power to make us fantasize about other places or to bring a sense of possibility into our homes.

We feel this way about Private Paradise, a striking arrangement that makes use of some strongly-shaped flowers, full of vivid color and interest. Orchid, anthurium, and lily make a bold, modern statement, one of exotic and escapist beauty.

Offer the mom in your life a floral design like she’s never seen before, a piece that feels magical and rare.

For more gift ideas, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, or go directly to our curated category! Bagoy’s is always the right way to celebrate.