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Posted by bagoys on February 19, 2018 Carnations Flowers New Baby

When Flowers Matter The Most Of All

We here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home know that when we give flowers, it’s always a meaningful gesture. But there are some occasions where flowers, and the impact they have, matter more than others. Think of the first time you were given flowers on a date (or gave them), the first corsage you pinned to your lapel or slipped on your wrist, the bouquet that was handed over with a hug when your loved one passed away. Flowers express feelings, but they also mark occasions.

One of the most defining events in a person’s life is the birth of a child. It’s also a time when we feel happy to give what we can to an expectant couple, and to herald the birth with flowers and gifts. To that end, we’ve created a piece we call Newborn Love that both commemorates the birth of a child and looks beautiful while doing it. 

This can be propped up in a nursery or proudly displayed in the front of the home for all of the well-wishers to see. It makes a fabulous piece for a shower, too. Layers of carnations gather together in the shape of a heart, nestled among moss, a design that looks like a living work of art. When flowers truly matter, they become memories.



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