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Posted by bagoys on August 3, 2018 Flowers Summer

Where To Put Those Flowers? We’ll Tell You

So you’ve brought home a beautiful design from Bagoy’s Florist & Home or received one. What now?

It may seem like a simple decision—where to put those flowers—but it’s also easy to get stymied about where your flowers will be shown off and enjoyed to best advantage. There are certain florals and greens that do well in certain spaces in your home and others that can live anywhere. A few rules apply: nothing too fragrant on the dining table, for example. Something Zen-like and humidity-hardy in the bathroom, for another. Today we take one of our summer designs and tell you exactly where you can give it a home in yours.

Yes, Citrus Sunshine is lovely, but where in the dozens of spaces in your home should it go?

In general, you’ll want to consider the type of flower design (formal, casual) as well as its scale when placing an arrangement in your space. In this case, pink roses and lilies deserve a little room for their sweet scent to unfold, while the bright, chipper nature of this bunch calls for a sunny spot. We think a piece like this works best on a kitchen table or on a side table in a common room near a windowsill. This is lush but not too dramatically high, so a mid-level placement is best.

The gorgeous fragrance of this design will help to mitigate odors from the kitchen and keep common spaces feeling fresh and upbeat. Take a minute to consider where your floral arrangement will live so you can give them their best life.