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Posted by bagoys on April 23, 2018 Flowers Gifts

Who Are Your Wonder Women?

This year saw the unparalleled success of the movie Wonder Woman, which featured the classic superhero in fully modern form. As both Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Weeks approach (May 6-May 12), we here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home encourage you to honor the super ladies in your life—not only the teachers and nurses, but the moms, sisters, friends and colleagues who empower the lives of others every day. These women deserve to be celebrated, and the best way to honor them is with a flower gift that speaks to their strength.

Give your wonder women a vibrant, attention-getting design such as our Rose Sorbet, a clutch of the most vividly-colored roses set off by greenery. Hand these over to your heroes and you’ll be reflecting all of the power and beauty they embody right back at them. We love how roses can be romantic, feminine and passionate. Their layers define their character, and their fragrance entices everyone to come closer and fully experience them. A bubble bowl vase filled with sorbet colored roses and greenery

Roses always communicate more than just a simple message of appreciation. They are a strong emblem of beauty and empowerment, dazzling whether they’re in the garden or in the glass. Offer them to the ladies who sent a similar example in your life.