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Bagoy's Florist and Home

Posted by bagoys on November 11, 2018 About Us Flowers

Who We’re Thankful For: Julie

Today it’s our distinct honor to express our gratitude for one of our finest team members here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home, and though she’s humble, we’re singling here out anyway. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we encourage everyone to make a fuss over those people who make a true difference. For our busy team here at Bagoy’s, Julie is one of those people.

What’s special about Julie? Well, she’s that rare breed of person who has a kind heart, an eye for beauty and a way of bringing people together. Her strong vision and eye for detail in particular ensure that we never miss a trick and always make our customers happy. But Julie’s talent is bigger than that: her conscientiousness and kindness extends to her team and the company. She makes people feel cared for, simple as that.
Julie’s calm, steady demeanor keeps us all peaceful and calm, even through some of the busiest moments in the business. We thank her for all of the gifts she brings to us here at Bagoy’s, and encourage you to thank the people in your life who do the same this November.

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