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Posted by bagoys on July 20, 2023 Welcome

60 Reasons to Send Fresh Flowers to Loved Ones “Just Because”

Expressing yourself through the language of flowers often happens during the holiday season, Valentine’s Day, or a significant milestone event. However, here at Bagoy’s Florist, the best flower shop in Anchorage, we believe there is always a reason to send somebody flowers or even buy your favorite blooms for yourself “just because!” If you look hard enough, you will see a reason to celebrate, honor, or commemorate every single day. Whether you’re sending love, support, happiness, or gratitude, there is nothing better than sending fresh flowers and a personalized card message to bring joy and beauty to somebody’s day. To get started, here are 60 occasions worth honoring with amazing flowers.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. What’s a birthday without flowers
  2. You had to postpone your birthday celebration
  3. It’s official, you have a broken leg
  4. You’ve had a challenging week with the kids
  5. You want to celebrate the anniversary of your first date
  6. Wedding planning is driving you nuts
  7. After thorough troubleshooting, you were finally able to fix the persistent issue with your garden irrigation system.
  8. After training and putting in the hard work, you ran your first marathon
  9. You’ve been prioritizing family time when you come home from the office
  10. They said “no” to going to Disney for the third time this year
  11. You’re throwing a family dinner party
  12. They’re looking to apologize after the fiery disagreement
  13. The home remodel you’ve been working tirelessly on is finally finished
  14. The medical exam showed you have nothing to worry about
  15. Your fur child doesn’t have enough money to buy you flowers

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They gave you the gift of life
  2. They taught you right from wrong
  3. They added money to your bank account when it was low
  4. They watched the kids for a few days while you were out of town
  5. They adopted a stray kitten
  6. You accidentally forgot to wish your mom a “Happy Mother’s Day”
  7. Father’s Day slipped your mind this year
  8. You moved across the country and miss them
  9. They’re proud of their last health report
  10. Their last TikTok received over 1K likes
  11. They know what Threads is and even set up an account
  12. They planned a wonderful vacation for the entire family
  13. They just returned from a European getaway
  14. You want to make them smile
  15. They could use a reminder of how much you love them

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. You’re excited to watch the season premier of The Bachelorette together
  2. Their foster child has officially become a member of the family
  3. You’ve wrapped up an incredibly touching show about friendship and need to send love to your BFF
  4. After years of distance, they’re making your city their new home
  5. They purchased a new home base in a different state
  6. They’re celebrating the big 4-0!
  7. They became a finance!
  8. They have a new last time
  9. They’ve turned a new page, living life true to themself
  10. They recently hit a rough patch on their road to recovery
  11. You want to offer an apology after realizing you upset them
  12. They’re radiating happiness and confidence after sticking to their new gym routine
  13. You’ve been invited to their inaugural art exhibition at their favorite gallery
  14. They’re nervously awaiting medical results after many rounds of testing
  15. Without asking questions, they will always come to your rescue

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. Your day is not going as planned
  2. It’s been a sunny day
  3. It’s your zodiac season
  4. You’re successfully sticking to your new habits
  5. You impressed your boss during your company presentation
  6. You signed up for your very first yoga class
  7. You checked “skydiving” off your bucket list
  8. You tackled that home improvement project you’ve been avoiding
  9. You kept your composure during a political conversation
  10. You’re hosting a girls’ night in
  11. You volunteered your time at the local animal shelter
  12. You’re simply an amazing parent
  13. “Flowers” was just on the radio – it’s a sign
  14. You’re embracing every aspect of summer, including the colorful blooms
  15. You saw your favorite flowers while taking a walk downtown

When it comes to gifting blooms with significant meanings or simply because they’re a favorite flower, each day offers a chance to share happiness and affection. At Bagoy’s Florist, we’re committed to making ordinary days feel like special occasions “just because.”