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Posted by bagoys on December 22, 2017 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Flowers

A Centerpiece For The Season

They say flowers have a huge impact on our mood and mental clarity, whether we’re at home or in the office. Restaurants know this, which is why they tend to have flowers on the table. If you thought it was just about decor, think again; a Netherlands study indicates the diners who are treated to a little flower action in the center of the table are in better moods.

So Bagoy’s Florist thinks there’s no better time to be dolling up your house with winter’s finest blooms. During the holiday season, we can be stressed and tired. We have lots of entertaining to do as well, so a wonderful piece for the dining room table solves two problems at once!

Don’t feel as though you have to go for the typical Christmas table arrangement. There are a variety of centerpiece designs available that make use of seasonal florals and greens but that also work far beyond the holiday table. If you’re looking for something that will set the scene but also carry you into January, consider our Glorious Winter Centerpiece.

Orchids have a starring role here, and combined with pine, cedar, berries and cones, they look amazing. This is an arresting piece that people will talk about and enjoy, whether it’s on the table for one occasion or many. Winter is a good time to practice a little self care. Flowers are one of the best ways to do that.