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Posted by Chanda Mines on September 19, 2018 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Flowers

A Moveable Feast Of Flowers

Bagoy’s Florist and Home is always excited to try out new entertaining ideas, and when those involve flowers, all the better! So we’re happy to bring you a fun new twist on what to serve up on your fall entertaining table, especially when it showcases edible flowers. You may have known it’s possible to consume certain flowers (organically-grown only, of course!), but chefs, foodies and mixologists have been having a field day (pardon the pun) with them, working edible blooms into salads, entrees and cocktails to beautiful effect.

In fact, we recently prepared our own late-summer salad, topped with Poppy Seed Dressing and a smattering of edible petals.

We think the perfect centerpiece to accompany a salad that pops with color like the one above is our Harvest Moon, a great transitional piece that leads us right into fall.

Use this new food trend to bring even more life to your summer-to-fall entertaining table, delighting your guests and providing a new taste experience while you’re at it. To get you started, here’s a Green Salad With Edible Flowers, courtesy of Martha Stewart. What better way to welcome fall?