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Posted by Chanda Mines on November 3, 2015 | Last Updated: July 23, 2021 Fall Flowers Flowers

Alaskan Dahlias

The sumptuous dahlia is similar to the sunflower, marigold, dandelion, and aster. Dahlia’s diversity is what is compelling to floral experts. There are more than 20 identified dahlia species, as well as thousands of hybrids, resulting in an extensive range of varieties. Its ability to shine in any bouquet is one of the reasons it is one of our favorite flowers at Bagoy’s.

Where did the Dahlia Come From?

Native to Mexico, the dahlia was traditionally used by indigenous people for both food and medicine; the tribes gathered dahlias growing in the wild, as well as cultivated them in gardens. The flower was locally known by its Aztec names – Chichipat, Acocotle, and Cocoxochitl; names with such descriptive meanings as “water cane” or “waterpipe”.

The native names referred to the plant’s hollow stem and its ability to hold and transport water. Ironically, the modern name of the dahlia is not derived from the Mexican people, but from the surname of famous Swedish botanist Andrea Dahl.

Although Dahl was not involved in bringing the flower from Mexico to Europe, the name was given to him as an honorarium for his work in the field.

Why is the Dahlia so special?


Summer Salsa

The dahlia is also known as “the queen of the garden”, due to its ability to grow heads of petals nearly a foot across, on stems that can rise to heights of 8 feet.

The dahlia blooms longer than most flowers, from mid-summer through early frost, making it an ideal fall flower for your bouquets and floral arrangements. Because of the wide range of styles, dahlias can be paired with virtually any other flower; from roses to lilies to daisies, the dahlia shines in a wildflower bouquet or an elegant vase of blooms.

For ideas and inspiration in using this versatile flower in your fall bouquets, speak with the experts at Bagoy’s Flowers.

From birthday arrangements to “thinking of you”, there is an ideal dahlia to convey your sentiments – come into our Anchorage flower shop to explore the possibilities of this vivid flower today.