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Posted by Chanda Mines on September 29, 2015 | Last Updated: February 28, 2024 Flowers

Bagoy’s Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersThe passing of a loved one is an event in life that is unavoidable,yet is always a difficult time. Making arrangements for memorial or funeral services can seem overwhelming during this time. Bagoy’s expert team of florists understands, and will take the burden of selecting ceremony and graveside flowers off of your shoulders. From casket sprays or urn decorations to standing wreaths, floral arrangements can be chosen to represent the character and personality of your loved one. For instance, if laying a service member to rest, your floral arrangements can reflect respect and gratitude for their service.



Specific flowers hold deep significance that can silently speak volumes about the one you are honoring. Lilies are symbols of resurrection and, as such, speak to the hope of new life after this one. Roses represent deep love and affection and are generally used to convey these emotions. White carnations are known to speak to remembrance; a bouquet made up of these blooms will testify to remembering your loved ones life and expressing hope for seeing them again.



Comforting a friend or family member as they grieve is heart-wrenching, and we struggle with what to say. Often, your presence is the best gift you can offer; the gift of flowers is also a touching gesture to let them know you care with beauty and serenity. While it is traditionally acceptable to send flowers to the funeral home, it is also appropriate to send a floral gift to a private home. When sending flowers in this instance, there are no hard and fast rules. Feel free to pick a bouquet that reflects the life of the deceased; from cheerful, to hopeful, to bold and radiant. The recipient will love having such vibrance surrounding them. For a gift that lasts, consider a green plant, ceramic dish garden or a striking orchid, which symbolizes eternal love.


Life has happy times and sad, and flowers are with us through them all. If you are looking for the perfect sympathy bouquet to reflect your feelings, stop into Bagoy’s Florist of Anchorage. We are here for all of life’s experiences.