For the Funeral Service

Honoring a life beautifully lived

Flowers create the beauty that represents a life well-lived. Surrounding all with gentle scents and beautiful blooms comfort the souls that are filled in sorrow. Your flowers represent and bring light and love to the occasion.

Favorites in For the Funeral Service

We offer a wide selection of funeral flowers, sprays, and wreaths designed for the service and grave site. Let us help you during this hard time with our local delivery to Anchorage AK funeral homes and cemeteries.



Is it appropriate to send flowers even when the obituary states ‘in lieu of’?

Absolutely. In lieu of is a funeral home term used when a family has additional wishes, such as a donation to a charity. In many cases, both are done. In lieu of means the service will not be completely filled with flowers, though even a minimum of flowers add peace and beauty to the otherwise stark room.

Do sympathy flower colors have a meaning?

For some cultures flower colors play a great importance for sympathy. We can help ensure you are making the correct choice before you send to the family or funeral.

How do I choose the right arrangement from our business for a co-worker’s loss?

It is best to remain tasteful with either an all white or color themed arrangement. A wreath, spray, vase or basket are all considered thoughtful and appropriate flower styles.

What flowers do family members typically send?

Family flowers are often coordinated to the casket flower colors and choose selections that will complement this, to be placed closest to the loved one. At Bagoy’s, we can help to ensure a good balance of flowers are planned for the family.

Do you ship flowers to villages in Alaska?

Bagoy’s is an expert at shipping flowers to remote areas in bush Alaska. We take extra care to insulate and protect your beautiful gift and coordinate air flights and delivery to give you peace of mind.

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