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Posted by bagoys on September 16, 2018 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Autumn Flowers Welcome

Bejewel Your Space With Rich Fall Flowers

Is there anything better than the bright, rich jewel tones of fall? We here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home think not. Nothing against those harvest hues, but the gemstone palette, with its deep, vivid colors, gives our personal spaces a vibrant feel. Flowers the color of ruby and amethyst look especially fetching, bringing us right to the table to get a closer look. There’s plenty of time to welcome the golds and oranges of autumn; for now, saturate your space with something a little more on the bright side.

One of the most popular floral styles these days involves a wilder, freer look, where flowers of several complementary varieties are brought together. The effect is textured and dynamic, and when you add jewel-toned blooms to the mix, as our Tuscan Vineyard shows, you get a piece of singular beauty. Violet and crimson pop against green and peach here, giving dimension and depth to a floral design that would otherwise read as summery.

Embrace the season and bejewel your table with a floral arrangement that feels both light and luxurious, bringing in vibrant color and texture. This is a great time to welcome some new types of flowers into your space in new combinations.