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Best Gifts to Send With Flowers

popular purple floral design featuring sweetly scented lavender Roses, garden style Daisies and Hydrangea


Flowers are unique in that they make the perfect gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, love, just because, and more. Everybody loves the beauty of fresh, fragrant blossoms, and the emotions they convey make them even more remarkable. Besides that, there are a few more reasons flowers make a fantastic gift – they bring a smile to your face, they’re perfect for saying “I love you,” they can help you express your deepest emotions, and they make celebrations much more elegant.

While it’s hard to top flowers as the perfect gift, there may be times when you want to send along an additional gift with flowers to turn up the romance. Almost anything can go with flowers, but here at Bagoy’s Florist and Home, the top flower shop in Anchorage, our experts have curated the top flower and gift pairings for you. Choose one of these romantic items to send along with flowers, and your loved one will undoubtedly appreciate your thoughtful gift-giving skills!

Romantic Gift Items to Pair With Flowers

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Decadent Chocolates

Decadent, dark, chocolatey indulgences are a treat to the taste buds just like flowers are to the eyes and nose. Conveniently, many florists offer chocolates as an add-on to your floral order so can impress your loved one with your thoughtful and tasty gift. Here at Anchorage’s premier florist, Bagoy’s, we have partnered with our local, top-selling chocolate maker to create Exclusive Chocolates in our signature purple box! These best-selling, hand-made chocolate assortments have been selected for us, exclusively. What is more classically and timelessly romantic than flowers and chocolates?

Golden earrings isolated, with white crystals and diamonds. Beautiful earrings on white background. Women accessories


Do roses enhance the beauty of diamonds? Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Regardless, we think they pair perfectly together. Whether pearls, diamonds, silver or gold, charms, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers sweetly enhances the beauty of gorgeous and sentimental baubles.

Dinner for Two

Grab your favorite cookbook to plan either a homemade dinner or extend an invitation to a fine-dining restaurant. A delicious dinner and treats along with a fabulous arrangement of flowers is a perfect date night your special someone won’t soon forget.

Spa composition of roses

Spa Essentials

Spa essentials, like candles, lotions, bath bombs, face masks, sugar scrubs, rose petals, and even perfumes are a great way to elevate your mood, energy, spirits… just like flowers do! Many spa items are derived from florals, such as rose, lavender, and jasmine. Bath and body gifts paired with a bouquet of flowers ups the “scent” factor by quite a bit. It’s a luxurious gift combo for someone who loves surrounding themselves with lovely fragrances or for spoiling your partner.

a bottle of wine, glasses with red wine and flowering branch of fruit tree, on a wooden background


A nice bottle of someone’s favorite type of wine is the perfect accompaniment to a stunning arrangement of flowers. Vino is ideal for celebrating almost any accomplishment or occasion, much like flowers. Plus, after working a long, stressful week, coming home to flowers and a bottle of wine is a gift beyond words!

open book on wood desk with rose

Romance Novel

Someone who likes to get lost in the beauty of flowers most likely also likes to get lost in books. Romance novels and gorgeous flowers make a terrific present if your significant other loves to read. Treat them to a passionate drama or a tear-jerking romance, you can even write your own love note on the inside cover to make it more personalized and a gift they can treasure forever.

"Love you" balloon from bagoy's


Pairing a romantic floral bouquet for Valentine’s Day or a colorful floral arrangement for a birthday celebration could always be enhanced with a fun balloon. While flowers bring an elegant tone to the gift, balloons create a flirty, playful, or quirky tone that both you and your partner can enjoy.

Nobody ever gets tired of receiving flowers, and receiving them with an extra romantic gift like one of the items listed above, will no doubt dazzle the recipient. When you’re ready to make someone’s day, check out Bagoy’s selection of gifts that you can send along with a bouquet of our gorgeous flowers. What could be easier?