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Posted by bagoys on September 4, 2019 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Autumn Fall Flowers Flowers

Celebrate Fall with Chrysanthemums

Here in Anchorage, we like to hang on to summer as long as possible. That’s why the floral designers at Bagoy’s Florist & Home are so excited about chrysanthemums this time of year. These beautiful full blooms help us pull summer into fall and transition beautifully, even when the temperatures start to drop. Not only do these beautiful flowers maintain a long history of symbolic meaning, they also add much medicinal value to your home. And of course, mums are great flowers to use in all of your fall decorating. Take a look at some of the tips and tricks the floral experts at Bagoy’s Florist & Home dug up for you as we gently move into fall.

Spider Mums

Spider mums, also known as fuji mums, deliver big style with long, spindly petals that resemble spider legs. Full of delicate, lacy design, these full blooms can add a pop of color and texture to any design. Add to a floral design or let them stand alone, spider mums will always make an impression. Check out the yellow Fuji mums in our Fall Fantasy design- see how they add a fun, festive texture unlike any other bloom?

Thistle Mums

Similar in appearance to Fuji mums, thistle mums have long, thin petals that tend to go in multiple directions, often curling upwards and in. Sometimes referred to as brush mums, these exotic blooms often resemble a bottle brush or broom with their tubular petals in a variety of colors twisting up or drooping.

Button Mums

Featuring a rounded globe of soft, short petals pompon mums tend to be a cut-flower arrangement favorite. Their soft, round shape fills out the shape of a mixed design, adding bold pops of color. The button poms in our Candy Blooms Bouquet create a polka-dot appearance to this exotic fall design. What a gorgeous table setting for holiday meals!

Daisy Mums

Resembling other styles of daisies, the daisy mum is a sweet, circular bloom with a flat cushion surrounded by short, symmetric petals of bright colors. The disk tends to be yellow, brown or green, making these smaller variety of mums look a lot like colorful daisies.

Health Benefits of Chrysanthemums

From cheerful greetings to chase away fall’s cloudy skies to actual proven health benefits, there are as many reasons to love chrysanthemums as there are varieties! Not only are chrysanthemums beautiful to behold, they also have healing properties that can alleviate many cold-weather symptoms. Herbal tea can be made from chrysanthemum petals and provides multiple health benefits like reducing fevers and inflammation to improving skin conditions. Mums have even been proven by NASA to purify the air around them. That means this festive fall Garden Bouquet design, featuring football mums, will not just look great all season- it actually purifies the air in your home, too! Having mums in your home will literally help you breathe easier!

Adding seasonal fall flowers to your decor, sending them to someone special and allowing them to help us heal are among the many reasons chrysanthemums should be part of your life this season. Talk to the floral experts at Bagoy’s Flowers for more great ways to make the most of your mums this season and enjoy fall to the fullest!