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Posted by bagoys on March 3, 2019 Flower Power Flowers Gifts

Celebrate International Women’s Day With Flowers

This month the designers at Bagoy’s Florist are eager to celebrate International Women’s Day with flowers on March 8. This is a day recognized across the globe when women everywhere celebrate strides, efforts and achievements in the fight for gender parity and equality. What women do you know who will be encouraged by your positive show of support? Female teachers, mentors and leaders who support and influence others are to be commended. This year’s campaign theme is balance for better. Encourage the women you know who aim for a balanced, better world on a daily basis to continue their strong work with a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers, the movement’s signature color. 

Help her shine with our Secluded Paradise, the ultimate tropical bouquet filled with birds of paradise, white anthurium, orange gerbera daisies, white hydrangea, and of course, plenty of purple blooms in many different varieties. Presented in a clear glass vase filled with seashell treasures, this piece invigorates and encourages with an exotic look.

The floral experts at Bagoy’s Florist will be happy to help you choose the perfect bouquet for the women in your life or customize a design unique to her. Celebrate International Women’s Day this year by lifting up the women you know who lead with excellence and integrity.