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Posted by bagoys on November 11, 2014 | Last Updated: June 26, 2019 Autumn Holiday

Choose the Perfect Autumn Centerpiece

Autumn Centerpieces

What holiday is complete without a beautiful centerpiece on the table? Centerpieces for the dinner table and blooming plants for entryway tables are popular especially at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Easter. What’s hard though is to know what the perfect size arrangement is for your table. Here are a few things to think about to be able to Choose the Perfect Autumn Centerpiece.

Splash of Autumn

 Splash of Autumn – $95

The first question we ask you is, “How many will be seated at your Holiday table?” Then we need to know if you are looking for something Traditional, which is a round or oval shape with carnations and mums, or roses and lilies for a higher end look. Traditional at Thanksgiving also can mean a beautiful cornucopia filled with flowers, mini pumpkins, and other embellishments.

Fall Cornucopia

 Fall Cornucopia – $95

Whereas an artistic centerpiece is an asymmetrical oval design using lilies, orchids, sunflowers, tropicals, or alstromerias.

Autumn Breeze

 Autumn Breeze – $120

Branching Out

 Branching Out – $195

Something to also think about is if you want candles in your centerpiece. If so, how many? We can create your Holiday centerpiece to be exactly what you want, tailor-made to your style and desires.

Country Harvest Centerpiece

 Country Harvest Centerpiece – $85

One of the fun things about designing Holiday centerpieces is embellishing them with Holiday trim! At Thanksgiving, you might see leaves, cattails, mini pumpkins, printed ribbons and berries in your arrangement. At Christmas and Hanukkah, we can add in ornaments, fancy ribbon, pine cones, sparkly fruit, novelties, and even cute little birds. At Easter don’t be surprised to see eggs, bunnies, printed ribbon, and birds peeking out from the flowers.

Rustuc CornucopiaRustic Cornucopia – $95

For an entryway table or an end table, consider having a Blooming Garden Basket that is filled with mums, kalanchoes, and crotons.

Blooming Garden BasketBlooming Garden Basket – $95