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Posted by bagoys on February 5, 2018 Designer's Choice Flowers

Fantastic Designer’s Choice Flowers

When you give us the task of designing a custom piece for your floral gift, we here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home seize the opportunity to create something fantastic for your special someone, and can’t wait to get started. Along with our favorite selections of blooms, which also highlight the kind of design work we do here, we have crafted arrangements based on our customer’s specifications many times over, eager to offer something that is both original and special.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try out a custom order, as we have a variety of blooms on hand, along with the classic red roses. We can build a piece around the holiday’s signature flower or venture into working with florals that offer a different take on the V-Day vase. We’re experts in working with the rich landscape of flowers available to us, and love to introduce others to flowers they may not be as familiar with.

Colorful mix of a variety of fresh flowers in a tall vase

One of the great benefits of customization is being able to build an arrangement that speaks to your specific feelings for someone in a style that they will appreciate. A designer can work with you to translate your message to your recipient in a way that really reflects how you feel, using flowers that make sense. It’s a special gift to give to someone, and one that we take great pleasure in being able to provide.