Chanda's Choice

Of all the flowers, these are some of the Owner's favorites

Favorites that never fail to make an impression. When you live and work with flowers, you learn what really gets the 'Wow' from friends and family. Here are some of Chanda's fail-proof recommendations.

Favorites in Chanda's Choice

These top recommendations from Bagoy's owner Chanda Mines never fail to disappoint. Premium blooms in a variety of colors, styles and price points are a fitting choice to commemorate any occasion - or just because!



?? Who is Chanda?

Chanda Mines is co-owner with her husband of Bagoy’s.

?? What makes Chanda’s Choice a good choice?

Chanda sees and loves all flowers, though has particular favorite go-to designs she enjoys sending to her friends and family. Some of her choices are even named after family members.

?? Does Chanda design these flowers?

On occasion, yes, Chanda can still be found designing, though much of her time is spent with customers, staff and working her store and product offerings to perfection.

?? What are Chanda’s favorite flowers?

She loves the scents from white lilies, gardenias and stock. Peonies, tulips and orchids are also some of her go-to choices. Her love for flowers is deep so all have a place in her heart.

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