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Flowers for National Romance Month

Is there anything better than love and romance? We don’t think so, and that is why we are so glad that August is National Romance Month! National Romance Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate our sweethearts, significant others, and spouses in the middle of summer. After all, who wants to wait until Valentine’s Day to celebrate the one they love? At Bagoy’s Florist & Home, we always have the flowers and gifts you need to share your affection, and in honor of National Romance Month, we have pulled together some fun trivia sure to put you in the mood for love.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day: There are two towns in the United States named after the patron saint of romance – Valentine, TX and Valentine, NE. You can also choose to live in Love Valley, NC, Loveland, OK, or Romeo, CO, or take a romantic getaway to one of these lovely cities with your partner.
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It Pays to Be Romantic
: Recent studies have indicated that men who kiss their spouses goodbye on the way out the door in the morning make more money! That’s right, men who are affectionate also tend to be more responsible, more reliable, and more methodical in their work, which translates to higher incomes across the board. So kiss your wife goodbye, then spend that little extra money on her as a “thank you.”

The Language of Flowers: You probably know that the red rose is the universal flower of love and passion, but there are other flowers that are just as amorous, according to the language of flowers. For instance, lilies are showstopping blooms that express things like longing, passion, romance, and love, especially red lilies. While we usually see sunflowers as the ultimate symbol of peace and happiness, these uplifting flowers also reflect love, loyalty, and adoration. Daisies are another romantic summertime bloom, perfect for celebrating Romance Month each August, as they offer connections to new beginnings and true love. In the Victorian Ages, orchids were coveted by the wealthy and adored by just about everyone. Today, orchids are a great symbol of luxury, refinement, love, and romance.

Modern Love: As of 2022, it is estimated that 35 million people have experienced online dating, and 17% of online daters report a success rate of entering a long-term relationship as a result. Still, the most common way to meet your significant other or spouse is through friends! it is estimated that 10,000 marriages a year still begin with a very old-fashioned ritual – having a cup of coffee together.

The Ultimate Romantic Gift: There is a reason why flowers and chocolate are the quintessential gift of romance. Flowers have signified love and romance for thousands of years; while chocolate contains a natural substance that stimulates the brain in the same way as a romantic encounter. So, don’t skip dessert this August and shower your partner with their favorite flowers and chocolates.

Be sure to celebrate romance month with romantic flowers and chocolates from Bagoy’s Florist & Home – and you can’t go wrong. We deliver throughout the Anchorage area, but true love knows no distance. We are happy to help you share the love wherever your sweetheart lives.

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