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Posted by bagoys on February 26, 2018 | Last Updated: April 20, 2020 Flowers Gifts Roses

Flowers That Uplift The Soul

It’s lovely when someone gives us flowers—there’s truly nothing like it. But we here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home think that sometimes, you just need to give yourself the gift of flowers.

With all of their proven health benefits, taking home a lush bowl of fresh blooms (or a plant!) is really an act of self-care. Flowers do their work on us without us really knowing it. They make for beautiful decorative pieces, sure, but they’re also important reminders to slow down, embrace the moment and connect with nature.

If you don’t believe that flowers can uplift the mind and soul, take a gander at one of our favorite designs, Bunch Berry! Or any of our modern, fresh designs.

This is a bowl of sheer happiness: the palest pink roses, the delicate wands of stock reaching gracefully outward.

This is romantic and soft and feminine; full of light and presence. It brings an immediate smile—possibly swoon—to the lips.

fresh feminine flowers


This is the kind of design that you gift yourself and feel so good about it you commit to doing it again. And why not? If we think of flowers as generating peace, positivity and good health, it seems foolish not to make sure we’re surrounded by them on the regular.