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Feed your artistic soul! Expressive blooms with balanced colors are designed in sophisticated combinations and contemporary styling. Perfect for you, your home entertaining, or as a unique and stunning gift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are modern flowers?

Modern floral designs are feel-good flowers that are designed in a more carefree, lifestyle design. They have less formality and typically include blooms that can resemble wildflowers.

Which flowers are the most popular?

Lifestyle bloom favorites are moody blooms like peonies, gerbera daisies, ranunculus, dahlias, and the most popular, tulips. These blooms tend to evolve as they open and provide movement to a bouquet.

How do you choose the best flower arrangement?

Consider the 7 elements of design, line, form, space, texture, color, size and fragrance. Choosing your favorite 3 to focus on will help you make the right choice for your floral occasion.

Why are wrapped flowers called Presentation Bouquets?

Wrapped Flowers or Presentation Bouquets, are flowers arranged without a container. They are meant for presenting typically to a host, a winner, or someone being honored for achievement. This makes them very mobile and perfect for photo opportunities. Think Miss America Pageant.

What flowers are best for wrapped flowers?

Wrapped Flowers as a general gift can be based on a person’s favorite flowers, colors, or theme. Presentation Bouquets are a bit more prestigious and consideration of the theme, event, and school graduation colors become more important. For formal events, roses are the best option to include or consist entirely of.

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