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Posted by bagoys on November 1, 2017 | Last Updated: October 14, 2020 Autumn Fall Flowers

Hostess Gifts with the Mostess

What are your Thanksgiving plans? If you’re like many Americans – 50 million last year, to be exact – you’ll be traveling over hill and dale at least 50 miles from your own home to break bread with the ones you love. In our view here at Bagoy’s Florist & Home, that means you probably need to consider bringing a host or hostess gift.

You may already be contributing something to the table, but there’s nothing quite like the courtesy shown when you come bearing a gift in hand. And since it’s customary in the U.S. that we exchange chocolate or flowers, we’re pretty certain we have something perfect for the occasion.

Gifts of chocolate, seasonal decor, napkins or candles look so beautiful when wrapped in gold and accented by raffia and ribbons. If you want to just cut straight to the chocolate, our Bliss Toffee and Alaska Wildberry Truffles – both made in Alaska – are wildly popular, and delicious.

Our Flowers-to-Go mini vases are the perfect gift to have in hand (and to offer with both, as the custom goes). We make these using a variety of blooms, making it possible for you to select just the right one for your host or hostess. The scale of these is modest, so the recipient can really place theirs wherever they like to cheer up an area in their home.

There’s no wrong time to offer a host or hostess gift; you can send in advance of the dinner, bring it yourself or have your gift arrive the day after. The gesture is made even sweeter if you include a personal note.

Let us at Bagoy’s Florist & Home work up something beautiful and meaningful for you to offer your host or hostess this Thanksgiving. Everyone loves a gift, but we think people especially love to give one.